Can you use the TossAway without the disposable inter pad?
No -Our pad serves as the platform for the plunger and is required for the TossAway to work properly.

How long does a disposable pad last?
Under normal usage a pad should last for 4 to 8 weeks.

Can I use the pad without the base station and inter-tray?
No- Our patent pending system provides an integrated solution that allows solid debris to adhere to the disposable pad while providing a reservoir for liquids.

What's so special about your pad?
Our pad is made from a special die-cut fiber that gradually releases the room deodorant while absorbing plunger runoff.

Can I stack pads on top of each other?
No - This could result in the accumulation of odor and would reduce the effectiveness of our system.

Why do I smell the room deodorant more when I'm using the plunger?
Our patent pending technology releases more fragrance when the product is used. We achieve this by having a moisture-activated deodorant on our disposable pad.

What do I do if the blue tray becomes soiled?
Our blue inner tray can be easily rinsed out and replaced if it becomes soiled with liquid plunger runoff.

What do I do if my plunger sticks to the pad?
The rubber construction of a plunger will sometimes stick to the disposable pad. Simply rock the plunger to one side for easy removal.


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