Marketing and Branding Strategist, Mark Dressel recognized an opportunity to provide a product that delivered amazing consumer value. In one Eureka moment, Mark invented the TossAway after recognizing an unfulfilled market need. With continuing regulations requiring the reduction of water flow, toilets are more likely to become clogged. The increased usage of plungers creates a new set of problem in terms of odor and germs from toilet debris.

Mark identified an opportunity to make a difference so he formed the TossAway dream team. His team included his wife, Nicole Dressel, a Pharmaceutical Professional with a Masters in Business Administration and their long-term business associate, Gina Marku, a Banking and Finance expert. The team engaged an award-winning design firm Lassen Scientific, Inc. to turn Mark’s concept into a reality. After a year of research and development, the TossAway product line was born. TossAway is now available through national retailers, janitorial suppliers and hospital distributors.



The Tip of the Iceberg

In just a few months, we will be launching the TossAway Pro. This exciting new product has a completely disposable inner tray which is perfect for hospitals, restaurants and businesses. The TossAway Pro will significantly reduce the risk of exposing employees and customers to fecal borne pathogens. We will also be introducing our integrated system that includes the world's best plunging system with a next-generation industrial design. If you are interested in becoming a distributor or retailer, please reach out to us through our contact us page.

With a combination of extensive marketing and product development experience, coupled with years of financial, operational, project management and leadership development skills obtained from working for both fortunate 500 companies and smaller enterprises around the country, Team TossAway have their sight set on introducing this new, game-changing filthy plunger solution that is designed to cleanup a universal disgusting problem which appears to face nearly everyone at some point or another.

With additional SKUs, line extensions and concepts in the pipeline, Mark Innovations is dedicated to bringing to market unique products that will make a difference and improve the customer experience.



Our Management Team

Nicole K. Dressel (Managing Partner)
Operational and Product Management
Over 25 years of technology, operations and business process improvement experience, in industries including financial, consulting, retail and pharmaceuticals.

Gina Marku (Managing Partner)
Business Consultant and Project Management
Owns and operates several business (Successful Entrepreneur)
Over 25 years of financial industry and consulting experience.

Mark Dressel (Founder & Managing Partner)
Over twenty years of marketing/advertising and new product launches.  Some of the brands that Mark has worked on include:  Taco Bell, Dodge, Unisys, EZ Lube Oil Change, Bracco Diagnostics, Ciba Vision, P.i.n.k. Vodka, Lucid Absinthe, Sav-A-Lot, Cramp 911, Sam’s Club, Maxell, Johnson & Johnson Skin Care, Wyeth Consumer Products, Coca-Cola, and Merial-Heartguard.



Partners and Advisors

Lassen Innovation

Lassen Innovation is a Certified Management Consulting firm that specializes in enterprise growth strategy, innovation best practice, customer experience, and insights. We are a devoted firm that takes a handcrafted approach towards achieving results for our clients, which range from multibillion-dollar corporations to technology startups.

Nicholas J. Webb

Nicholas J. Webb is a successful inventor, entrepreneur, author and management consultant in the field of innovation and customer relationship management. He has been awarded over 35 patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office and is the founder and President of Lassen Innovation, a full-service management and innovation consulting firm.  Nick and his team have been working with Mark Innovations on the development of the TossAway™ Plunging System.

Robert M. Siminiski JD.

Mr. Siminski's legal practice at Harness Dickey concentrates on obtaining, enforcing and licensing patents, trademarks and copyrights primarily in the chemical and mechanical arts.  Among the hundreds of patents he has obtained for his clients, Mr. Siminski has drafted and prosecuted chemical patents relating to adhesives, coatings, conductive materials, films, foams, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals and small molecules. On the mechanical side, he has obtained patents relating to dental and medical devices, athletic equipment, fastening systems, games and toys, tools, microvalves, and oil and natural gas exploration and extraction and sealing technologies.

Malcolm De Leo, Ph.D., MBA

Malcolm is the Chief Evangelist at Mountain View, California's NetBase Solutions, a SaaS solution company that utilizes a patent pending, natural language processing engine to read billions of conversations from more than 75 million social media sources. Previously, Malcolm was the Global Vice President of Innovation at Daymon Worldwide and prior to that spent 10 years at the Clorox Company managing partnerships with technology companies, developing innovation processes and building new innovation infrastructure.


About Us

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TossAway is a Trademark of Mark Innovations LLC.  The TossAway is the subject of multiple pending patents.
TossAway is manufactured in the United States of America.  Copyright 2013 Mark Innovations LLC.  All Rights Reserved.

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